Market Lavington Museum

Edward and Susan

A Tale of Two Teddies


‘Hello! We’re Edward and Susan. Nearly 100 years ago a little girl called Peggy used to play with us. Later, Peggy founded this museum which has given us a permanent home’.

So reads the label describing these two lovely and much loved Teddy Bears at Market Lavington Museum.

Edward and Susan have recently been given to us and sad to say, at the moment we don’t actually know which is which.

We think they are delightful. Three out of four eyes have been replaced with buttons. One ear is a piece of non-matching corduroy. Feet have clearly worn out. All this, thankfully, probably means they are bears of very little value. To us they tell a tale of a child’s love for her bears making them so much better than items in pristine condition.

No doubt Peggy’s children and grandchildren enjoyed the bears as well. And now the good folks who visit the museum can enjoy them in our low level display on childhood.

Edward and Susan are so pleased you have looked at this page.