Market Lavington Museum

Employment in the 1950s

We have already seen some of Rowena Campbell Trigger’s teacher training student work, produced on her attachment to Market Lavington School in 1958. (See Rowena – Student Teacher – 1958, A choice of grocer’s shops in 1958, A long street of straggling shops – 1958, An overcrowded school – 1958, Classrooms for the younger pupils – 1958, Teenage TV and radio favourites – 1958 and Our museum building in 1958.)

Her college also required her to consider local employment and she wrote –

As we can see from this postcard, looking from the church tower over the sheep and haystacks at Knapp Farm towards Salisbury Plain, Market Lavington village is bordered by agricultural land.

However, Rowena noted that agriculture and other employment in the village only accounted for about half the male jobs in 1958, as many had building or light engineering work in Devizes, the market town about six miles away.

In the 1950s, it was usual for married women to be housewives and look after the children, though some of them would have had seasonal work fruit picking and in the jam factory at nearby Easterton.

Her writing about local shops mentioned that these were mostly small businesses which did not usually employ non family members. She felt that Market Lavington was becoming more of a dormitory village.