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Evacuees in Easterton

We have based our last few blogs on the recorded memories of John Sainsbury. He was born in 1930, so would have been about nine at the outbreak of the second world war. He was a pupil At Easterton School (now demolished and replaced with housing). The school was next to the church in Easterton and this picture of it predates John’s time there, but shows what the building was like.

John recalled the influx of children from London who were evacuated to Easterton at the beginning of the war and swelled the number of children at the school. John said that things were quiet in London early in the war, until the bombing started in May, and that some of the evacuees returned home soon after they had arrived. However, a lot of the children stayed until the end of the war.

None were billeted at John’s home in Eastcott, which was too small, having only one bedroom and a bed space on the landing. The vicarage in Easterton was a much larger building. The Reverend Stacy lived there and Miss Windo, longtime headteacher at Easterton School lodged there too and there was a housekeeper called Mrs White. Seven or eight of the London children were placed at the vicarage.

John remembered brother and sister Jimmy and Marjorie Sampson and was still in touch with Jimmy at the time of the recording in 2012. They had a baby brother, who was at White Street. Very sadly, he fell off a wall and died and is buried in Easterton churchyard.

That is all that John said about evacuees in his oral history. However, we have a lot more on the subject of evacuees in both Market Lavington and Easterton in the following blog entries. Easterton Evacuees, An evacuee in Lavington, An Evacuee Remembers, More evacuee memories, Mrs Drury with evacuees, An evacuee’s family seek help, Summer fun for an evacuee, Winter and spring fun, A boy’s WW2 summer and autumn, Bobby McGregor and Latimer Road School – 1942/43.