Market Lavington Museum

Exposing the brickwork

Market Lavington Museum is in the building originally built as the schoolmaster’s house for the nearby Victorian school. However, it was mostly lived in by the Burbidge family. Mr Burbidge was the gardener at the Old House, next door, so, unsurprisingly, his own garden was well tended too. (See The Burbidge Family revisited.) Later, the house was used by the school and the garden was converted into a playground with A high fence.

Recently, the fence has been removed and a large amount of ivy too, exposing the brickwork surrounding what is now the museum courtyard.

This boundary wall is alongside the garden of our neighbour’s house, which fronts onto Church Street. It is topped with brick coping, some of which requires repair.

Our other neighbouring property is the Old House, which fronts onto Parsonage Lane. There is a different style of coping on the wall beside our courtyard in this area.

Mr Burbidge would have had easy access into the Old House garden through a gate beside his house, which was overarched with ornate brickwork.