Market Lavington Museum

Family and Friends at Fern Cottage

Today we are looking at a group standing outside at the back of Fern Cottage. Fern Cottage is on High Street in Market Lavington, between the Workmans Hall and the former chapel. (We have been informed this is actually the cottage NEXT to Fern Cottage)

Bill Pearce, family and friends next to Fern Cottage, Market Lavington

On the left we have Bill Pearce

The lady second from left and behind Bill’s shoulder has not yet been identified. Can anybody out there help?

The lady next to Bill and third from left is Rose Crouch. This photo has been given to the museum following a blog entry about World War 1 first aid materials.(click here) although we have also seen Rose before in a churchyard clean up party (click here). That picture dated from 1963. We think this one may have been taken in the 1950s.

Behind Rose’s shoulder is her husband, Bill Crouch.

The older lady at the front is Emily Pomeroy. She had previously been Mrs Emily Hobbs and was caretaker at the Workman’s Hall.

Behind Emily is Jean Pearce.

At the right hand end is Beavey Pomeroy. He was born in Devon and came via Bath to Lavington as baker at the Co-operative Stores.