Market Lavington Museum

For Mrs Elisha’s Photo Album

Back in the summer of 2010 we looked at some photographic negatives we had at Market Lavington Museum. We are returning to these negatives today – they might have been – probably were – used to produce a photo album for Mrs Elisha.

We looked at the outside of a processor’s envelope back then. Today we look at the inside.

Part of a 1929 negative wallet

We can see the negatives peeping

Photograhy has, of course, changed out of all recognition. We are now in the digital era and  enlargements are so easy. Even enlarging the old negatives which we see peeping in the wallet, is relatively straight forward. These are big enough to scan and then software can convert the negative to a positive.

Some of these images were taken at the wedding of May Potter to Bill Elisha in 1929.

Bill Elisha and May Potter married in Market Lavington in 1929

We have Bill and May in the middle here with a couple of young bridesmaids who were May’s nieces. We do not know who the other folks are. Maybe you can help us.

Another photo of Bill and May Elisha's Market Lavington wedding

Do email if you can name any of the people here.