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Fun and Games in 1977

1977 is 37 years ago as we write this blog in October 2014. Getting on for half of us weren’t born at the time and it probably would be half of us who don’t remember events from that year.

Would it be fair to say that events were celebrated in a more social way and, perhaps with more active participation? Maybe back then people expected to get together and have a bit of fun. These days we spend more time, as your writer is doing now, sitting alone with our electronic devices.

Anyway, the big event of 1977 was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee when she celebrated 25 years on the throne. The previous occasion when there had been such an event was 1935 when her grandfather, King George V celebrated his 25th year as Monarch.

Our Queen’s Silver Jubilee was certainly seen as an excuse for public celebrations, get togethers and general fun. Many areas in Market Lavington and Easterton had quite small scale street parties. For example, Spin Hill had one, Northbrook Close had one and so did The Market Place. There was at least one in Easterton and others elsewhere.

And then there were village wide events. In Market Lavington this included a fete and sports on the Elisha Field. And our heritage photo, from 1977, shows men involved in their sack race.

sack race for men - a Market Lavington event in 1977

Sack race for men – a Market Lavington event in 1977

This photo was taken by someone who moved to the village in 1976. He didn’t know the people then and still doesn’t.

So once again we ask our readers for any help possible in identifying competitors and spectators.

We can also smile or even giggle at the fashions of the day. Did we really wear trousers that baggy? Well clearly we did.

Photos from this era continue to arrive at the museum. We do have some ability to copy slides (the photo above was a colour slide) albeit it is a slow process.