Market Lavington Museum

Fun at the crossroads

Today we have a lovely photo of some fun at the crossroads in Market Lavington – sometimes called Lamb Corner.

Edna Hayward (later Huxtable) and Elsie Hobbs (later Spencer) enjoy a cart ride at the cross roads in Market Lavington. We'd love to know, for sure, who the man is.

The photo shows two young ladies being pulled along in a cart by a man. The scene is actually on White Street and Mr Walton’s emporium can be seen alongside. He had the department store in the village and sold almost everything. It operated from the 1890s through to the 1930s.

The former bakery, now the Post Office, on High Street is behind the two girls.

The two young ladies on the cart were both employees of Mr Walton. They are Edna Hayward, on the left (Later Edna Huxtable) and Elsie Hobbs (later Elsie Spencer). We met Edna not long ago on this blog. You can click here to read more about her.

A suggestion has been made to us that the man pulling the cart could be Reg Huxtable – later Edna’s husband. We hope a reader will be able to confirm this or tell us it is not the case.

Elsie Hobbs married Charles Spencer in 1932. After some time away from the area, the Spencers moved to Easterton Sands.

The single street lamp over the crossroads is of interest, because a part of the mechanism for keeping its supporting wire taut still exists high up on the building at the right of this photo.