Market Lavington Museum

Fund raising for the Community Hall

In our previous blog, we looked at the plans for building a new Community Hall in Market Lavington. At the museum, we have a few artefacts relating to fund raising events for this project.

One was an ever popular slide show and talk about the history of the village.

Peggy Gye – 1921 – 2010 was the founder of Market Lavington Museum and a fount of knowledge about the village. Sometimes her talks were Inside the Parish Room, which was about to be replaced, but this one, in 2000, took place in the Old School, which had closed for education and was being used as a hall for various events.

Our second fund raising event artefact is a dance ticket. 30th October was on a Friday in 1998.

The dance was held at Lavington Secondary School, which was spacious and had a good floor for dancing, which was not the case in the old Parish Room, although many dances had taken place there before. (See Dancing in the Parish Room.)

We will look at one more hall fund raiser next time.