Market Lavington Museum

Getting the best from this blog

We can tell, by looking at the site statistics, that many people do not get the best they could from this blog so this post is designed to help.

Many people arrive from a search engine, such as Google, and they arrive at the museum blog on an individual page which may look something like this.

An individual page on this blog

This doesn’t offer many options but if you click on the banner, which tells you it is the Market Lavington Museum Blog and has a picture of the museum you will get to the home page which has a menu of options on it – like this.

The Home Page - complete with menu on the right

That menu is the key to further information so let’s take a look at a part of it.

A part of the blog menu

We’ll start with the ‘search this site’ box which allows you to do just that. For example, if you had an interest in the Merritt family you could type in Merritt and get a list of all the postings which refer to that name. It will look like the list below which does not show all of the possible posts for Merritt. Each item in the list can be clicked to go to that page.

A result from using the 'Search this site' box

The other menu options link to other Market Lavington based websites. The ‘Search the Market Lavington Museum catalogue’ link takes you to the Wiltshire Treasures website and will allow you to find all the items we have in our museum by a variety of search methods. In fact you can search the catalogues of all of the Wiltshire museums.

The ‘Market Lavington Official Website’ is the place to find out about Market Lavington now.

The Market Lavington Museum Website’ is where to find out information about the museum opening hours, locations and some of the displays etc.

The ‘Genealogy and Photos’ link takes you to a website where you can find out about both the past and present in Market Lavington. One feature is brief life histories of  people buried in the graveyard and the cemetery.

And if you want further information then email .