Market Lavington Museum

Graffiti at the Museum

Yes, we did recently have our front door kicked in and the museum was broken into. It was very distressing, time consuming and has cost us money that now can’t be used to improve our facilities, but those who broke in did very little beyond breaking the door and spreading some stored items about. The police were fantastic and we’d like to thank them for their support.

But our graffiti has nothing to do with this incident. It is much older, although to use the well-used police phrase, we’d like to appeal for witnesses. And we’d better emphasise that we do not in any way condone the defacing of surfaces with messages of love or any other graffiti.

The scratched message on a wall must predate the museum for the upper floor was rebuilt and the point where this writing was scratched is completely out of reach now, high above the stair well. It isn’t easy to see but was noted during the recent pre-opening spring clean. Here’s the message.

Some old graffiti, high up on a wall at Market Lavington Museum. It probably dates from when the room was used as a school room.

It appears to say, ‘JACKO 4 TONT’ but the TONT may have a Y at the end and it just could be a J at the beginning – to say JONTY.

We wonder if the real Jacko might come forward – assured that we regard this bit of former vandalism as a piece of Lavington history now.

But please, we want no more of it.