Market Lavington Museum


Grindstones are usually made of sandstone and are used for sharpening ferrous metal tools. At Market Lavington Museum, we have the cradle shaped mounting for a small grinding wheel.

This one was used for sharpening tools at Gye’s Yard on White Street in Market Lavington. Water would have been held in the base. The handle is attached and can be used to turn the axle, but its stone wheel is missing.

It has been in the museum for quite some time. However, we were pleased to be offered another grindstone, rather more recently, which actually has a stone, though this one does not have a housing for water.

It came from near Russell Mill and was used for sharpening edge tools such as knives and shears. The handle was turned with one hand, whilst the other hand held the blade against the spinning stone. On the frame, we can read Kent Patent, 189, High Holburn, London.