Market Lavington Museum

Grove Bridge in the 1920s

This scene is fairly unchanging and always pretty. No wonder it was a favourite for photographers. We last looked at this scene back in March (click here). That photo was taken twenty years before this one.

Grove Bridge, Market Lavington in the 1920s

Grove Bridge, Market Lavington in the 1920s

Our timeless view was taken from the path which led from the Manor to the Church,  through the fields of Grove Farm. These days the path ends near the bus stop on Grove Road. The bridge passes over the little stream called Northbrook. Just behind the photographer we’d find the Bubbling Kettle, also known as the Boily Pot or even the Pot Boiling.

Behind us,  the bridge, the path leads up and then past a line of trees including many sweet chestnuts. These days a chain link fence lines the left side of the path and over it we can see the former Market Lavington Manor House. This is now, and has been for 80 or more years, a part of Dauntsey’s School. The grounds, between the path and the house are in use as a small golf course for the school.

This is now a well frequented path for walkers, with or without dog. It’s rare to walk that path without stopping for a chat with other folk, out for a stroll.