Market Lavington Museum

Gye’s Yard in 1950

Today we feature a photograph which is redolent with olde worlde charm. Yet it was taken within the living memory of many people alive and kicking today. It shows a part of Gye’s Yard and it was taken in 1950.

Wainwright and Wheelwright section of Gye's Yard, Market Lavington

It seems hard to imagine, now, that in 1950 wooden wheels were being made with only hand tools. We can also see other parts for carts under construction, or stored awaiting use.

The Gye family had operated this business since 1879 – and it wasn’t just carpentry and wheelwrighting. The firm also undertook general building and blacksmithing. They also, like many carpenters, served the community as undertakers.

In the museum, we have a film, taken by Peter Francis, of a local wheelwright at work, explaining what he is doing. Here we can just enjoy a reminder of rural craft as it once was.