Market Lavington Museum

Happy Valentine’s Day

Maybe you have received a card from someone special, this year, or in the past. At Market Lavington Museum, we have a card that has been saved for many a year.

The floral border encloses a message from a lover to his lass.

It reads:

My only one

There’s not a look, a word of thine, my soul hath e’er forgot

Thou ne’er hast bid a ringlet shine, nor given thy locks one graceful twine, which I remember not.

There never yet a murmur fell from thy beguiling tongue,

Which did not with a lingering spell upon my charmed senses dwell,

Like something heaven sung.

We imagine any cards given and received today are less sentimental and are lacking the thee, thou and thy of the old second person singular, but we hope they will be treasured nontheless.

Happy Valentine’s Day.