Market Lavington Museum

Haymaking 1974 – but where?

Recent museum blog entries have included a series on haymaking locally over the past century. (See Haymaking, Cutting grass for hay – 1920s-30s, Making a hay stack – part one, Making a haystack – part two and Making a haystack – part three. We realised that we were missing photographs of small bales and have now found some labelled 1974.

To be of relevance to our museum, items should have a connection with Market Lavington or Easterton, but we do not know where these were taken and hope some of our readers can help out with the detective work.

The small cuboid shaped bales, sometimes called square bales, are being loaded onto a trailer. Maybe someone recognises the lady driving the tractor or some of the other people. There appears to be high ground at the back right of the picture, which could be Salisbury Plain.

Our other picture of this hay bale collection has buildings in the background, which might help with location.

It looks as though there are two bungalows, with hipped roofs. The one on the right has a central chimney stack.

In terms of our history of haymaking, these pictures fill the gap and show the small bales and a cabless tractor. However, if they can be recognised as being taken in Market Lavington or Easterton, they could be added to our museum collection.

Your comments would be most welcome.