Market Lavington Museum

High Street – 1890s

This photo certainly looks to be one of the oldest we have of Market Lavington High Street.

Market Lavington High Street in the 1890s

Market Lavington High Street in the 1890s

There’s a square section in the roadway on the left, just this side of the very darkly dressed man. Does anyone know what that was?

Actually, despite being taken some 120 years ago, the photograph shows a left hand side of the street which is little changed. We are looking at what is now the front of the take away, then Kite’s Cottage and we can clearly see the sign for The Kings Arms. Beyond that is the Red House and the view on into Church Street looks much the same.

On the right we have what is now the Co-op but the extreme right hand part of the building has been demolished. The street curves, taking other buildings out of sight.

We do not have a photographer’s name but the photo has the style of an Alf Burgess photo.

How splendid to have such an early image.