Market Lavington Museum

High Street – 1903

This is the image sent with yesterday’s coded message. It is quite an early photo of the High Street.

Market Lavington High Street oin a card posted in 1903

The print quality is not as good as some cards. It is a bit like newspaper quality. Let’s zoom in a bit.

From Church Street into High Street, Market Lavington

The cottage on the left, with the row of people outside was demolished in the 1930s to improve visibility at the crossroads. That cottage masks number 1 High Street which is now the post office, but we can make out that on numbers 3 and 5 High Street, the upper floor is jettied – it overhangs the downstairs. This suggests 16th century origins for this building which have been altered since this photo was taken.

On the right we have part of Mr Walton’s empire and further along it looks as though roves might be thatched.


And now to that message in code on the back of the card. We have a solution in that the message has been de-coded. But it doesn’t help us identify who Miss Hiscock was or if the people had any connection with Market Lavington.

It reads:

Many happy returns of the day. Have you heard from ? Cruse? He is coming over to church then I shall have him not you. Love to Walter. Hope he is well. My love to you. Good night my pigeon. Kiss. L Stokes.

Our solver thinks the writer made one or two mistakes when coding the message.