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Home made lip salve

Most of us are prone to suffering from dry or cracked lips from time to time in the winter, which we might treat with lipstick style products or creams purchased from the supermarket or pharmacy. Annie Earle (later Annie Gye)’s recipe book does not only contain instructions for food, but also for making home cures for minor ailments. (See http://marrow jam for an introduction to this book.)

Here is Annie’s solution to sore lips.

Unfortunately, we find quite a lot of the handwriting in this book difficult to read. Amongst the ingredients, we think the recipe called for some lard, half a drachm of oil of almonds, some raisins cut fine and a little pounded sugar.

All the ingredients apart from the balsam were simmered over a slow fire before adding the balsam and straining the melted mixture through a muslin.