Market Lavington Museum

Horse power

Market Lavington, like the rest of the country, was dependent on horse power for haulage and personal transport before the days of petrol and diesel engines. At the museum, we have many artefacts relating to those times and a lot of them have featured in previous blogs.

In 2020, our museum did not open due to Covid lockdowns and precautions, but we were hoping to re-open in 2021 and so worked on changing displays ready for the new season. Our curator put one together entitled Horse Power.

Little did we know that our 1846 museum cottage would need some major building work and rearrangement of storage and display areas to ensure its future. Everything had to be packed away and dust sheeted for building work to commence. That included returning everything to its allocated box location – ten different boxes and drawers for the various horsey items.

At last, we are in a position to set things out again in our newly decorated kitchen and that includes Horse Power, rearranged in the corner, yesterday morning. So, when we reopen, hopefully in June, visitors will be able to see the pony harness used for Mowing Clyffe Hall lawns, A Carriage Lamp, Another carriage lamp, A Bread Cart Carriage Lamp, Horse harness decorations and many other related artefacts.

Here is the almost completed display – second time lucky, we hope.