Market Lavington Museum

Horse transport on White Street

The battered old postcard of Broadwell in Peggy Gye’s album is very creased in places. At the left hand edge we see three of the people standing near the pump, but had never really taken in what was happening on the road behind them.

The road in Market Lavington is called White Street, because it leads up to the chalk lands of Salisbury Plain. It is a steep hill, but nowadays heavy loads can be taken up there in motorised vehicles. At the time this card photo was taken, at least a hundred years ago, it was the horse that took the strain.

Our recently acquired copy of this image is in better condition and we can see that there is a horse drawn vehicle on the road behind the chaps.

It is still only a small portion of the card and we cannot make out too much detail, but it would appear that a light coloured horse, wearing blinkers, is pulling a small cart with two large spoked wheels. There seem to be some boxes or suitcases loaded on the bed of the cart.

We will have a look at some of the people on the picture next time.