Market Lavington Museum

Icing Art

At Market Lavington Museum, we have another of the books donated from the kitchen of Clyffe Hall, which was run as an hotel for nearly fifty years in the twentieth century.

This book about cake decoration was produced by Tala, who made and sold many kitchen gadgets, so it serves as an advertisement for that company, as well as instructing in the art of icing. The book dates from the 1930s and we know this copy was bought no earlier than 1936, as notice of a price increase is printed in the top right hand corner.

So, presumably, our book cost more than three old pence. (1936 was the last year of the silver 3d coins and the twelve sided threepenny bit with its thrift plant design came in in 1937, later being replaced with the portcullis design of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.)

This double page spread combines icing suggestions with adverts for Tala ware, whilst the pages below are devoted to some of the various revolving tables and icing syringes available.