Market Lavington Museum

In a strop!

In a strop

 image002There was a time when men shaved themselves with cut throat razors. That’s a fearsome sounding name for what was a very dangerous tool.

To get a perfect edge on a cut throat razor, it was essential to sharpen it each day and the final stage of sharpening was to run the blade up and down a leather ‘strop’.

That’s our strop, at Market Lavington Museum, alongside this information.

To strop your blade you’d hold the tail end of the leather strop and push the blade back and forth with the sharp edge always trailing. It was, of course, perfectly possible to get a finish that was sharp enough to shave with.


Our strop, we can see is called ‘The Scorcher, number A289 and it claims to be genuine shell horse. Apparently this form of leather was deemed high quality in the world of strops.

We think the strop dates from around the 1920s or 30s.

We know it belonged to the Gale family who lived on the Spring in Market Lavington.