Market Lavington Museum

Inflation at Clyffe Hall Hotel

Clyffe Hall is an imposing building on the western edge of Market Lavington. Typing Clyffe Hall into the search box on the front page of our blog will find you links to many entries including Clyffe Hall in 1957, Clyffe Hall for sale – 1938 and Clyffe Hall.

The building was run as an hotel during and after World War II and into the 1970s. Hotel guests were able to purchase notecards like this one in Market Lavington Museum. It dates from the 1960s.

We are also able to tell you how much it cost to stay there, as we have a tariff card.

In 1963, bed and breakfast cost 27/6. That was twenty seven shillings and six pence or £1.7s.6d. Obviously there has been a huge amount of inflation in more than half a century, but our card shows that the cost increased in the two years to 1965, with the earlier price being about 85 per cent of the amount payable just two years later.