Market Lavington Museum

Inside St Barnabas Church

By UK standards, St Barnabas is a new church.  It is less than 140 years old. It was built in the 1870s. That was when Easterton became a parish in its own right. The Easterton ecclesiastical parish consisted of Easterton, Fiddington  and Eastcott

For those of us who like bricks, the interior is fantastic for the bricks are there for all to see. Of course, they are Market Lavington bricks.

Interior of St NBarnabas Church, Easterton

Interior of St Barnabas Church, Easterton

The church was designed by Mr Christian, an apt name but very hard to research. It was built by the firm of James Sainsbury of West Lavington. The church was consecrated in June 1875. This was a time of great celebration in the village. The Reverend Allsopp was appointed as the first vicar.

But let’s return to that simple and pleasing interior. Right from the start, chairs were used and there was no attempt to make things over ornate.

Apart from regular services, concerts are held in the church from time to time. St Barnabas is a lovely community building as well as a place of worship.