Market Lavington Museum

Inside the Parish Room

In 1908, Market Lavington celebrated Opening the Parish Room. This was the old wooden hut of a building on the High Street, opposite the Workman’s Hall. Its site is now occupied by the nursing home.

We have seen some photos of the main part of the interior in Dancing in the Parish Room and At the 1994 Victorian Evening. At the left hand end of the building, as seen from the road, there was a stage and, fortunately, we have some photos of the Victorian evening, which give us a good view of that.

In the next picture, behind the orange screen, we can see the outline of the hatch doors. These opened into a long, narrow kitchen area.

Back in the Second World War, evacuee, Albert Emms recalled attending Saturday night dances in the Parish Room, dancing the Palais Glide and doing the Hokey Cokey. He wrote that ‘The best was the interval, when we rushed up on the stage to buy a cup of tea or orange juice and sandwiches.’

The old Parish Room was demolished in April 1996, so we are very glad to have these photos to jog our memories of what it was like and for future generations to envisage the setting for so many village events over nearly ninety years.