Market Lavington Museum

Is this a school cap?

Today’s entry for Market Lavington Museum is very simple. Please help us. This is not a general request for help, although new volunteer stewards are always welcome, as are gifts of cash to assist with running costs and upgrading facilities. So, too, are gifts of artefacts and documents that must relate to Market Lavington and Easterton. Old family photos really do help the past to come alive for visitors, and we also like to preserve the present so that future generations can learn about the past.

But the specific item of help needed concerns a hat that is on the new shelf in the revamped upstairs room. It was mentioned a couple of days ago and has generated some interest so we’ll now take a close up look.

Our records tell us it was a school cap from about 1890 but the present team of curator and archivist are not so sure and wonder if it might have been a hat worn by members of a local organisation.

Possible school cap at Market Lavington Museum

Here is the hat. What do you think? Can you help identify it? If so then do leave a message here on the blog or click below to send an email.

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The logo on the cap badge may help with identification. We think the letters in the monogram are D, C, F and O but we do not know the order. Could O and F have anything to do with the Odd-Fellows who were, once, active in the parish?

Cap Badge - can you identify it?

This is the logo.