Market Lavington Museum

It’s a breeze

We love our old adverts from Harry Hobbs’s High Street Shop. We love them even if we are not 100% sure what the product advertised actually was. This one is for a product called Breeze.

Advert for breeze at Market Lavington Museum

Advert for Breeze at Market Lavington Museum

This card ad, for a product which keeps you beautifully country fresh, is cleverly made. It can be stored flat but with a bit of careful work the base opens out into a semicircle and the waterwheel becomes three dimensional. The advert becomes free standing then.

But what was Breeze? We believe it was a soap and the product was around in 1955. Adverts from that era seem to feature the words ‘country fresh’.

Before that it had been a Unilver washing detergent introduced in 1947.

Cleansing products with the name Breeze are still marketed by Unilver.