Market Lavington Museum

J.H.Merritt – aspects of his working life

In our previous blog, we looked at some of the newspaper articles following the death of Market Lavington’s John Hampton Merritt junior and considered his long contribution to the Prize Silver Band.

Born in the late 1860s, he followed his father into the family blacksmith’s business by Broadwell. As a farrier, he became well known for his range of horseshoes suited to horses with various hoof conditions, requiring special shoes.

At the museum, we have a trade plate for this family run business.

However, Johnny Merritt moved on from the blacksmith work to opening his own business dealing in bicycles and, later, motors.

Here is an advert for that business, on Church Street, dating from about 1915.

At the museum, we also have an award he won in appreciation of his association with the Raleigh Bicycle Company.

Next time, we will consider some of the things John Merritt did outside of his working life.