Market Lavington Museum

James Neate Money

In times past many business owners issued their own coinage. This was money that could only be spent on goods and services offered by the business. It could ensure that money given out by the business came back to the business.

James Neate – we have met him before on these pages – was a wine and spirit merchant and brewer. He issued coinage. The examples we have at Market Lavington probably date from the Edwardian era – the first ten years of the twentieth century.

Tuppenny token for use at the busines of James Neate of Market Lavington

From the style of these tokens, it looks as though James bought in ‘coins’ which had a blank reverse side. He then stamped his name on that reverse. These tokens were made by the Vaughnton company in Birmingham.

The blank, reverse of the coin has J NEATE stamped into it

We might argue against the ethics of having coinage for specific purposes but of course, it was the norm in times past.