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Jewelry Prices in 1903

Jewelry is not a mis-spelling. It is the word used on this document.

This document is another one of those bits of paper found in the house where Jack lived. Jack Welch lived there, along with his parents in the Edwardian era. What we look at today is a supplement to a price list for January 1903. The whole document is about modern A3 size and printed on both sides of the page. We are just looking at a part of it amounting to one quarter of the whole page.

Jewelry prices in 1903 as found in James Welch's house in Market Lavington

Jewelry prices in 1903 as found in James Welch’s house in Market Lavington

Here, on what might be thought of as a front page, we see some 9 carat gold items. Let’s pick on the 5/- items (five shillings was what was said). In money terms that was a quarter of a pound or 25p. But somebody who earned five shillings in 1903 might now earn £157. With fluctuating gold prices it is hard to say just what a similar brooch might sell for.

For a second page let’s look at the ‘digger’ jewelry – charms for hanging on a bangle in silver or gold at significantly different prices. Top prices here were for these rather unlikely items in 15 carat gold – about twice the price of the 9 carat variety.

'Digger Jewelry prices

‘Digger Jewelry prices

The whole document gives an insight into the prices of 1903 and also the fashions of that era. What a lovely item.