Market Lavington Museum

Keeping the bells ringing

St Mary’s Church in Market Lavington had its bells rehung in a metal frame in 1927. This was, no doubt, an expensive business and an awful lot of people gave money to enable this to happen. It is a huge list of names which, interestingly, includes not only members of the Church of England community but also members of the Congregational church in the village.

Of course, even radio was in its infancy in 1927. The BBC had started broadcasting in 1922.  The church bells had been general messengers for many years. If the bells rang out, people wondered why and gathered to find out. National and international news events might cause people to be ‘summoned by bells’. Perhaps this explains the importance to people who were not natural church folk.

The list of names is almost like a village directory for 1927 – although some from far and wide also subscribed and some used a pseudonym to hide their real identity.

Let’s have a look at a little of the list as published.

Top of document listing people who contributed to the 1927 bell fund at St Mary's, Market LavingtonSome of the names listed and the result of the appeal

And here are the names listed – it is a long list. Maybe there’ll be names that mean something to you. If so, do let us know.

A FriendMr and Mrs Allen
E AndrewsMrs Arnold
Mrs ArnoldMrs M Awdry
C ArnoldMrs Axford
Colonel H W AwdryH and E Barlow
Mr and Mrs B B BakerMrs Beaven
Mrs BashC J Bird
Rev E E BensonMrs Bishop
G W BishopR J M Borough
Mr and Mrs Wm BlakeE O P Bouverie esq.
Miss A P BouverieH Buckland
M BreachA and E Bullock
Mrs BucklandMr and Mrs Burbidge and family
Mrs G BullockG Burgess
Mrs BurnettMrs J Burgess
G BurgessS Burgess
Mr W W CaseMr and Mrs Charman
Miss J ChinnockL Clarke
S ColemanMrs Cooke
Mrs A CooperMr and Mrs Bert Cooper
G T CooperMr Jos Cooper
Mr and Mrs CrasswellerMr Henry Crees
Mr CrondallMiss Croom
Mr and Mrs F DavisMr and Mrs Fred Davis
G J DavisMr Henry Davis
Mr and Mrs John DavisMr and Mrs Dawes
Mr DoubledayMr Drury
E DuckMrs Duck
Miss EdwardsMrs Elisha
Miss FielderEdward Fisher Esq
Mrs Morgan GaleMr C O Gauntlett
Mr George GauntlettF George
F M GeorgeMrs G Gibbon
W GoddenMiss Goodway
Mr Frank GreenMrs Grist
Mr and Mrs GyeMrs Gye
E GyeMr and Mrs Tom Gye
Mr and Mrs Tom HainesMiss Hatfield
Mr and Mrs E G C HawesMr G Hiscock
J HiscockJ J Hoare
Mrs HobbsMrs Hoddinott
Mrs HollowayE and A Hopkins
J E HopkinsMiss Hulbert
Mr HuntleyMrs Albert Hurle
Mrs James HurleMr and Mrs J Hussey
E HuttonJ Ingram
Mr J JamesMr W J James
J R Jerram EsqL A Jones
J JordanMrs Judd
Mr H J KingMrs H J King
H J KingM A King
Miss R KingSidney King
J KyteMr W S Laycock
Mr LittleDr J S Lush
Mrs LyeMrs Malcolm
Miss MarshallMiss M Matthews
Mr and Mrs MaynardP Maynard
Mrs McDonnellMr H Merritt
Mr and Mrs J H MerrittMr T Merritt
A MidwinterE Miles
R MilsomMr Moody
A MullingsS Mullings
Mrs A MundyMrs E M Murray
Mr and Mrs T NeateNr N Notton
Old Choirboy 1887Mrs Bert Oram
Mr Harold OramMrs Henry Oram
Mr Henry OramMr and Mrs John Oram
Mr W OramMrs Osmond
Mr ParfittParkyn J Atherton esq
Mr and Mrs ParsonsW Perry
Mr PetersMrs Phelps
A E PhillipsA J Phillips
E PhillipsMr and Mrs F Phillips
Mr amd Mrs G H PikeW Pike
F PitmanI K Pitman
Mrs PlankMrs P Plank
Mrs PoldenMr and Mrs Arthgur Potter
A K PotterMiss A K Potter
Mrs E PotterMr E A Potter
E J PotterMiss H M Potter
R PotterW Potter
A E PriceE J Price
Mrs RiddleMr and Mrs Robbins
Mr and Mrs RoseMrs and Miss Ross
Salisbury Diocesan Guild of RingersMrs Saunders
Mr and Mrs SaxtonMr F H Sayer
W J SeymourEshare
Mrs ShepherdMrs F Shepherd
Mrs Wm SheppherdMrs Shergold
Mrs ShoreM Small
Mrs SmithMrs Smith
A SmithMrs Amelia Smith
Mrs E SmithMr Tom Smith
W D SmithMrs Smythe
L SowdenW Spiers
Sir Guy StephensonMr Fredk C Strofton
M StrongH A Stubbs
A J Sturton esqRev J A Sturton
MJrs Sturton“The Sands”
Mrs ThynneW Trotter
M TuckerMrs L Tupp
Capt and Mrs H W TurnerMr and Mrs Wturner
Usher’s Wiltshire Brewery LtdDr F de C Veale
Mrs VealeMr and Mrs W G Wadman
Mr and Mrs WaltonMrs Ward
Lord Warrington of ClyffeMiss C Watts
Mr P J WattsJ Weeks
Miss WelchMr Jack Welch
Mr and Mrs James WelchMajor and Mrs Welchman
C E WestonMrs Whitchurch
Mr W R Wilbraham