Market Lavington Museum

Lavington Action Stations in 1942

This is a request for help, maybe from older folks in the parish with a memory of world war two. ‘Lavington Action Stations’ were the local fire brigade, but what was The Rendell Cup for – what did the Market Lavington men do to win it? If you can help then please contact the curator, either with a comment on this blog or by email.

The winning team were captured in this photograph, which we have in Market Lavington Museum.

Lavington Action Stations in 1942 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum.

The photo is captioned

Photo Caption

And the team are named as well.

The names of the team that won the Rendell Cup

The team were Leading Fireman A. Burt,  A. Baker, C. Baker, A. J. Merritt and J. Hurkett. Of course, we’d love to know more about these men as well.