Market Lavington Museum

Lavington School course options – 1995-97

In Market Lavington, we have a school for secondary pupils, aged 11-16, which had its official opening in 1962. (See Lavington School – official opening and Lavington School – 1973.)

The younger pupils learned a range of subjects, but, for the last two years before their GCSE examinations, they were offered some choice and could take options according to their interests alongside the standard subjects. At Market Lavington Museum, we have a booklet designed to help them select their courses for 1995-97.

The picture on the front cover might serve as a reminder that this school, in rural central Wiltshire, catered to those pupils with an interest in agriculture.

The rules were as follows –

Below is the page explaining the options for those wishing to study rural sciences, explaining the two different exams that could be taken in this subject.

Of course, more traditional areas of school study were available and detailed elsewhere in the booklet. So, aged about fourteen, lots of teenagers were needing to consider the qualifications that they might require for future study and employment.