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Little Golden Hair

In our previous blog entry, we looked at the 1890s book, Cinderella, and noted that it was bound with other stories. One of these was …

We know the title character of this story to be Goldilocks. Our old book gives her a name with the same meaning, but calls her Little Golden Hair.

Whilst the bears are out for a walk, Little Golden Hair eats Baby Bear’s breakfast, breaks his chair and sleeps in his bed, as in the modern versions of this tale.

There are various places in the story, where a moral point is made. On these pages, the author reminds the reader that even a tiny bear has his rights.

We don’t think Mrs Bear’s military band features in the Goldilocks story as we know it.

Despite the rather tatty condition of our book, we are glad that it has survived for well over a century and that we can still enjoy it today.