Market Lavington Museum

Lockdown in Lavington – 2020

Whilst it is very fresh in our minds as I write, at Market Lavington Museum, we are aware that this Covid 19 pandemic will become part of our history. So, we are very pleased that one of the friends of our museum has collected pictures and writing about this time and has given it to the museum in a large ring binder.

file cover

We feel sure that visitors to the museum will wish to spend time looking at the content, but the virus is still with us and the museum has not yet re-opened. Even if we felt safe to welcome the public back, we would have to ask visitors to wear plastic gloves when handling the file and we’d be putting it in quarantine for 72 hours after their viewing.

So, we will give a sneak preview of what’s inside through our blogs and, hopefully, whet your appetite for having a proper look when you can.

Some people had to shield and were not able to go out to buy food. Information about this has been saved to allow people in the future to understand the situation.

Emergency food and bread

There was also help on offer from  volunteers organised nationally and from a wonderful team of local people.

NHS and local support

On Thursday evenings, at 8pm, for ten weeks of the lockdown, people came out on their doorsteps and clapped the National Health Service and other key workers, providing essential services in difficult circumstances. Our file of memories alludes to this in words and paintings of rainbows.

rainbow painting

A quote from the file from a local nurse reads, ‘I have flushed with pride on those Thursday evenings listening to claps and clangs of pots and pans whilst people of our village have cheered on the NHS.’ Another contribution mentions people adding to the cacophony by playing music on their instruments. ‘In various parts of the village there was a flute and a clarinet as well as my oboe… Over the weeks, we played tunes including Over the Rainbow, White Cliffs of Dover, With a Little Help from my Friends and We’ll Meet Again. I heard someone playing a saxophone on Bouverie Drive and some drumming down the High Street.’

Thanks NHS

This is just a glimpse of some of the items in the file. We will look at other aspects of lockdown in the future.

Meanwhile, we have noticed that there is very little male input and neither is there much about how Covid affected jobs with furlough, working from home etc. If you live in Market Lavington or Easterton and have a contribution to make, it is not too late as we can insert extra pages in the ring binder.