Market Lavington Museum

Market Gardening at Fiddington

Most people who live in Market Lavington or Easterton will think of Fiddington as the area with a forty year old housing estate called Fiddington Clay. In fact, Fiddington was a long thin strip between Market Lavington and Easterton. There is still a Fiddington Farm up on the sands, to the north and once upon a time there was a Fiddington Farm on the chalk lands of Salisbury Plain to the south.

To add confusion to the situation, until 1884, Fiddington belonged to West Lavington but parish boundaries were then made more sensible and Fiddington was shared between Market Lavington and the new parish of Easterton.

The Fiddington clay area was always a good place for Market Gardening. In the 1930s new greenhouses were in operation in the area as these postcards we have in Market Lavington Museum show.

Greenhouses at Fiddington, Market Lavington about 1930

Interior of Fiddington greenhouse

The cards say W. C. Crisp and N. D. Hort Fruit and Flower Farm, Market Lavington. If anybody can tell us more about the people or the fruit farm then please contact us on or as a message on this blog.

Market gardening is still carried out at Fiddington but these days the rather more prosaic poly tunnels are used.