Market Lavington Museum

Market Lavington comes under fire

For 100 years, the local villages and areas – Market Lavington, Easterton and Fiddington – have been on the edge of an artillery range. Of course, this also applies to all the other villages which cluster around the Salisbury Plain training area. Local folk are used to living with the noise of high explosives on firing days. Mostly nobody even bats an eyelid. Visitors might exclaim, ‘what was that?’ when they hear a shell explode. Locals probably didn’t even register it.

Very, very occasionally – really amazingly occasionally, a shell may go astray. For Market Lavington, this happened in 1962 and despite a lack of injury or significant damage, this event was picked up by the National Press.

At Market Lavington Museum we have a cutting from The Daily Sketch for May 17th 1962.

A cutting from the Daily Sketch for May 17th 1962 - at Market Lavington Museum

The text from this news clip

So, a shell missed by a mile and fell in the village some fifty years ago. The local villages remain very safe places in which to live.