Market Lavington Museum

Market Lavington Flower Show

Saturday will be flower show day in Market Lavington – or rather, it will be the 2010 Lavington and District Produce Show. This event is run by a small and very dedicated band of volunteers and will be open to the public at The Community Hall from two to 3.30pm when there will be the prize giving and an auction of produce.

The museum is close by, so why not take a look at the treasures of the area whilst visiting the show.

Back in the 1920s there was a huge committee of volunteers to run the flower show as this photo of said committee shows.

The Flower Show Committee of the 1920s - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

This is a rare photo because it has been well captioned. We can name nearly all the people on the photo.

Back row, from left to right

  1. A Burbidge
  2. M Andrews
  3. M Potter
  4. C Saxton
  5. Alexander
  6. J Ross
  7. A Potter

Next to back row from left to right

  1. Ted Hopkins
  2. J Gye
  3. Hawes
  4. Mrs Drury
  5. Not known
  6. Vic Osmond
  7. P Watts
  8. Mrs Gibbons
  9. F Bishop
  10. T Gye
  11. W Hayward

Seated on chairs from left to right

  1. Mrs F Bishop
  2. Mrs Hayward
  3. Not known
  4. W Drury
  5. G Pike
  6. J Welch
  7. Miss Bouverie

Seated on ground from left to right

  1. Mr Pomeroy
  2. Reg King (not certain)
  3. B Cooper

That’s a committee of 28 people. The 2010 show will be splendid it must have been glorious 80 to 90 years ago.