Market Lavington Museum

Market Lavington from the air in 1972

Peter Francis, village photographer, took to the air when he could to take photos of the village. This fairly low altitude shot dates from 1972 – forty years ago.

Market Lavington from the air in 1972

The photo is, more or less, centred on St Mary’s Church. Close by, to the left, we can see Grove Farm.

Grove Farm, Market Lavington

This is now the area occupied by The Community Hall.

To the right of the church we can see what is now the museum.

Market Lavington Museum and The Old House

Our building was then in use as a part of Market Lavington School and the playground area is surrounded by high fences. Further to the right we can see The Old House, which is actually on Parsonage Lane. The open land beyond these buildings is now the Grove Farm housing.

Here we see ‘Canada Rise’. The Canada area got its name because serviceman from that dominion was encamped in the area during World War I.

Canada Wood and Canada Rise, Market Lavington

At the bottom of the picture is Knapp Farm, on White Street. The barns behind the house are now White Horse Barns – converted to housing.

Knapp Farm, Market Lavington