Market Lavington Museum

Market Lavington Museum under wraps

Market Lavington Museum is housed in a building erected as a home in the 1840s and is feeling its age. At the time of writing, in Spring 2021, we await some essential building work .

Normally, we take a pride in displaying artefacts connected with the history of Market Lavington and Easterton and enjoy sharing them with our visitors.

This is how the kitchen, with its range, looks in normal times.

With builders expected imminently, we needed to move and protect items on open display and the scene in the kitchen at present looks like this.

There is a similar situation in the living room, with displays dismantled, artefacts wrapped and protected and stored away from dust and damage.

When the remedial work has been completed, we will take the opportunity to freshen up the paintwork, consider which items need relocating and then begin work on new displays.

We apologise for being unable to reopen in May as we would have wished and look forward to welcoming back our visitors when all the work has been done.