Market Lavington Museum

Mary Ann Gye

We have already seen this photograph of Mary Ann Gye in Sarah Gye’s photo album, for Mary Ann was the mother of Sarah.

Mary Ann was the wife of carpenter, James Gye, who died in 1901. However Mary Ann lived on until 1919 and features several times in Sarah’s album as an old lady. This gives us an opportunity to look at the clothing worn by an elderly lady in and around Edwardian times.

Here, Mary Ann is surrounded by three granddaughters, Mollie, Ellie and Ena. As a younger woman, Mary Ann had worn her hair tied back in a quite severe hairstyle. She has continued with this into older age, though her hair is now quite white.

Dressed here for outdoors in cold weather, Mary Ann is wearing a fur fabric cape and a turban style hat.

This final photograph of Mary Ann shows her in a different cape, worn with a fur stole.

Her headwear appears to have some long finer material flowing down her back, possibly available for use as a veil for a lady wearing widow’s weeds. Close inspection of the picture shows that Mary Ann is wearing glasses, with narrow, round metal frames.