Market Lavington Museum

May Cox’s map

At Market Lavington museum, we have a hand drawn map of an area of the village which has changed out of recognition. May Cox has drawn what she remembers of the area just below St Mary’s church.

At the bottom of her map is the bier house, a small red brick building where the bier is kept for funerals.That building still exists and can be used as a point of reference in trying to visualise how different the area was in 1930. To the left is the main road, Church Street, with houses lived in by Mr and Mrs Perry and Mrs Forde.

Just beyond these homes, we see a flight of steps leading to a footpath with a terrace of three cottages, homes to Mr and Mrs Love, Mr and Mrs Lowe and Mr and Mrs Hargraves. At the right hand end of the terrace is an attached coal house, wash house and toilet. This serves to remind us that many homes did not have the convenience of the inside facilities that we take for granted today. Mains water did not come to the village until 1936.

There is another row of wash houses and toilets nearer to the bier house, alongside the track leading to Grove Farm then, now the Community Hall.

It is good to have this little piece of evidence, reminding us of former times.