Market Lavington Museum

Meadow Cottage – early 1900s

Meadow Cottage, in Market Lavington, is opposite St Mary’s Church and has featured in the museum blog posts before. (See Grove Farm and Meadow Cottage focusing on the demolition of Grove Farm; Meadow Cottage, Market Lavington, showing the building when it was thatched and with its later tiled roof and Grove Farm, the church and village, with its photo of the area in 1960.)

In our museum collection, we also have this photograph, on a cardboard mount, showing Meadow Cottage in about 1900-1905. This was prior to the cottage being extended in 1920 and well before its thatch was replaced by tiles in the 1970s.

Across Church Street, we can see one of the buildings at Grove Farm and there is a clear view of the brick and flint wall. (Grove Farm has since been demolished and replaced by the Community Hall.)