Market Lavington Museum

Metal Detector Finds in Market Lavington

At Market Lavington Museum we work with a local metal detecting person. Metal detecting can get a bad press but by working with ‘our’ man we get the benefit of knowing what has been found and, importantly, just where it was found. We can photograph all of the finds and some can end up on display in the museum.

These are thought to be lead musket balls, all found within the parish boundaries. Apparently this represents a fairly normal level of find and does not suggest that the Market Lavington folk were warlike in any way.

Lead Musket Balls found in the parish

Many of the finds are interesting, pretty even, but of no cash value. Here we have a decorative button. Nothing is known about it. Perhaps you could help.

Can you help identify this metal button?

Somebody has helped with this spoon handle so we know it is made of lead alloy and dates from between 1650 and 1750.

Lead alloy sppon handle from 1650 - 1750

There will be a photographic display of many more metal detector finds in the museum during the 2010 season.