Market Lavington Museum

Milla and Tom Haines

We met Milla, Tom and their children  as a young family in about 1910. We have also seen Tom as the Market Lavington Town Crier. Today we are looking at Milla (Amelia in full) and Tom as they moved into old age in the late 1930s.

Here, they stand outside their premises in The Market Place where Milla had a sweet shop and also cut hair.

Milla and Tom Haines in the 1930s

Older residents of the village remember the sweet shop and a bit of gentle mistreatment that youngsters dished out to Milla. Apparently a group of youngsters would go in the shop and the first one, after due consideration would ask for a farthing worth of sweets that were in a jar on the top shelf. Milla Haines would collect her ladder, position it and clamber up to get the jar. Down she’d come to organise that farthing worth of sweets and then up she’d go again to put the jar back, and finally, down she’d come and then she’d put the ladder away.

Then, the next youngster, after due consideration, would decide to have a farthing worth from the same jar of sweets so poor Milla had to repeat the procedure.

Tom died in 1939. He was 66. Milla died in 1944 aged 73. Both are buried in the church yard of St Mary’s, Market Lavington.