Market Lavington Museum

Miscellany Report

Last night’s Museum Miscellany was another lovely success for Market Lavington Museum. The format is now well-tried. Curator, Rog, talks using computer generated displays of old photos and museum artefacts. The themed talks last about a quarter of an hour each and allow Rog to ramble around the subject. For example, a topic entitled bricks was able to bring in a legal dispute between the Lord of the Manor and the brickworks owner, traction engines and local, historic graffiti. Sue, the archivist read various documents, including a charming account by an 8-year-old about Princess Anne’s visit to the Easterton jam factory. Oral history recordings were used to add variety and provide further information or humour. May Cox’s account of her collision with a car whilst on a milk round with two huge buckets of milk on her bicycle was a real hoot.

A big feature of a Museum Miscellany is the interval. This is part of the event for the wonderful volunteer stewards, and others, make museum food, chosen from the recipe books we have in the museum. Here’s a chance to chat and sample some of the items we used to eat. Whether your fancy is potted meat, seed cake or green pea sandwiches (all of which taste fantastic)  you’ll find it there. We are careful to ensure that amongst the recipes we cover a broad range of dietary needs. You’ll find something if you are diabetic, gluten intolerant or if you have made a choice to be vegetarian or vegan.

Rog says that a real pleasure for him is seeing the audience eyes light up as they recognise friends or themselves in old photos.

We anticipate an event next year. Don’t miss it!