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Miss Windo Retires

Gladys Windo was the long term head of the Easterton Primary School. This school looked after the local children from the ages of 5 until 11. After that age the students transferred elsewhere. For most of Miss Windo’s reign this would have been to the Market Lavington School – now known as The Old School. But in 1962 the new Lavington Secondary Modern school opened (now Lavington School) and many youngsters went there.

Writing after her retirement, in a Darby and Joan publication, Miss Windo said she had taught at Easterton for 33 years.

In her own words. Gladys Windo, former head of Easterton School describes a little of her life.

Miss Windo retired in 1966. For a retirement gift she was presented with a TV set. We expect this was one capable of receiving the new channel – BBC2, broadcast on the higher quality 625 lines system. We see the presentation ceremony here. Miss Windo is on the right.

Miss Windo, head of Easterton School, was presented with a TV when she retired in 1966

And here we see the retiring headmistress surrounded by her flock of schoolchildren at the same ceremony.

Miss Windo surrounded by her Easterton school children at her retirement ceremony

We cannot name anybody apart from Gladys Windo. Can you help? Here’s a closer picture of some of the youngsters.

Closer view of some of the Easterton school children.