Market Lavington Museum

More from Emma’s album

We have already seen Emma’s Album and Emma’s album again and realise that the sentimental poems written in it about 180 years ago are quite faded and difficult to read in their entirety, although we can get an impression of the content from lines such as –

Virginia – If I were like thee, lovely child, So happy and gay, I would not care where …

and – I think of thee dearest when lovers are sleeping, I’ll …. all are away.

As is often the case in old books, we find that they were used to press flowers or leaves.

Although the writing isn’t always clear, there are a few more pictures in the album, which we can share.

Above the cockerel are written the words ‘Does your mother know you are out?’

Finally, there are two pictures of ladies in period costume. This one is probably a printed portrait.

The final one at the back of the book is a very faint pencil drawing, with the name Muriel Blake just below the hemline of the dress.