Market Lavington Museum

More from the 1953 coronation

This year we have celebrated the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth II. She has served 60 years as the Queen, not only of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but also of Commonwealth countries around the world.

At Market Lavington Museum we have displays of photos and memorabilia from past royal events. Market Lavington and Easterton have both been very ready to have a party to celebrate these past events.

And this year, the people in the villages are re-discovering their own photos and memories and offering copies to the museum. We are so lucky to live in this digital age – photos can be shared with consummate ease. People, who might be very reluctant to allow their precious family images to be borrowed, scan or photograph them and email the results to our curator. Or, maybe, they allow him to come to their home to copy images. Either way, the originals need never be out of the possession of owners, yet the information they contain can be shared with museum visitors or blog readers around the world.

So, today we bring you a recently acquired photo of the 1953 Coronation celebrations in Market Lavington.

1953 Coronation fancy dress in Market Lavington

The person absolutely positively identified is Mrs Francis who is wearing the barrel.  When Frances Candy married Ron Francis in 1932, she became Frances Francis! The Francis family farmed Grove Farm for many years and the name is commemorated in Francis Road, built on their former farmland. The notice carried by Fran, as she was known, proposes the toast – ‘Here’s a health unto Her Majesty’. It is in the form of a pub sign.

We are pretty well certain that the lady on the left is Mrs Hurkett and the lady dressed as Britannia is Peggy Gye.

We rather think the char ladies are actually men.

Do let us know if these guesses are wrong.